1. Background information 2. Budget*.
Send us all the information we can use, such as plans, images, 3D models, specifications, materials, style, etc. From the information received, we will quote the work with our library of materials and models.
3. Modeling 4. Cameras
After receiving the down payment agreed in the quotation, we will start with the modelling of your project. Once the scene is modeled, we will establish with you the points of view to render, which in turn will serve to confirm that the model is correct.
5. Previous 6. Changes**.
We will send you low resolution renders of the agreed views. The budget includes 2 revisions that affect the aesthetic proposal: decoration, lighting, colours, etc. Considering each revision as a rendering of previous images in low resolution.
7. Final renderings
With the changes finalized and all the views approved, we will proceed to the payment of the remaining part and delivery of the final images.

*If you provide us with a 3D model, we will discount it as long as it meets the minimum requirements to be used in our software. If you need us to use models or materials that have to be created specifically for you, we will quote them separately.

**If the changes affect the structure of the scene or the modelling of specific furniture, they will be budgeted separately.