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In the world of ArchViz (architectural visualization), 3D model quality and accuracy are essential for professional results. Many professionals in the industry use different software, and one of the common scenarios is to import models from SketchUp to Blender. But what are the pros and cons of this practice? Is it more efficient to work with a low quality imported mesh or to redo the model from scratch? Here we explain.

Pros of Using Imported SketchUp Models:
  1. Initial Speed: Importing a model from SketchUp can be faster than modeling from scratch, especially if it is a large project with many details.
  2. Complete Reference: The imported model provides a complete reference of the design, which can be useful to understand the general concept and spatial layout.
Cons of Using Imported SketchUp Models:
  1. Poor Mesh Quality: SketchUp models often have less optimized geometry, with many unnecessary faces and topology issues that can complicate manipulation and rendering in Blender.
  2. Texturing Problems: The UVs of models imported from SketchUp can be poorly organized, which makes the texturing process difficult and time consuming to correct.
  3. Detail Limitations: Inferior mesh quality can negatively affect accuracy and fine detail, resulting in a less realistic final rendering.
Which is More Efficient: Working with the Imported Mesh or Redoing the Model?

Working with the Imported Mesh:

  • Advantages:
    • Shorter initial setup time.
    • You can quickly use it as a basis for preliminary presentations.
  • Disadvantages:
    • More time invested in cleaning and optimizing the screen.
    • Possible problems during rendering due to poor geometry.
    • More difficulties to apply textures and materials correctly.

Redo the Model from scratch:

  • Advantages:
    • Clean and optimized geometry from the start.
    • Full control over topology and workflow.
    • Better results in texturing and application of materials.
    • Fewer problems in the final rendering process.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Longer initial time to model again.
    • It requires a solid knowledge of Blender modeling.


Although redoing the model from scratch in Blender may be more time-consuming initially, in the long run it is generally more efficient and produces higher quality results. Clean and optimized geometry, along with better control over details and textures, ensure a professional and realistic final render.

Using the imported SketchUp model may be a quick solution for preliminary presentations, but for professional ArchViz work, investing time in accurate and detailed modeling from scratch in Blender is the best option.

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