Monobath industrialized baths

Industrialized toilets are an innovation in construction that seeks to optimize the installation process in large projects, such as office buildings, hotels or residential complexes. These bathrooms are assembled in specialized factories and transported in prefabricated modules for installation at the construction site.

In this case the 3D modeling allows us to show in detail how the installation of these toilets will be in the context of the building. This facilitates planning and coordination with other aspects of the construction, such as the layout of piping, electrical and other structural elements.

In addition, the use of 3D also allows architects, engineers and clients to more accurately visualize the final design of the industrialized bathroom, which helps to make informed decisions and avoid problems during the construction phase. In summary, the combination of industrialized bathrooms and the use of 3D in planning and visualization represents a significant advance in construction efficiency and quality.

In this project we show an installation sequence of the industrialized Monobath bathrooms by butech | Porcelanosa Grupo.


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